On-Demand AI-Powered show notes (& more!)

Capsho will turn your episode audio file into a title, description, show notes, blog post, promo email, social media captions, YouTube description & full transcript in less than 10 min

Here's how it works for Podcast Hosts:

Step 1. Upload your episode audio file

All you or your team need is the audio file of the episode you've already recorded. 
Upload it into Capsho and grab a coffee while we do our thing! 

Step 2. View & Edit the drafts for your episode

In less than 10 mins, Capsho will create editable drafts of all the copy you need to promote your episode.
You (or your team) just need to review, edit and download!

Step 3. Publish & Promote like a Pro 

Copy + paste each item into your hosting platform, podcast website, email platform, blog and social media. 
And this isn't blind repurposing - we optimize for each platform.

The fastest + most effective way to promote your podcast

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