EVERYTHING you need to promote your podcast

Episode Title
& Description

Compelling Titles and Descriptions that will hook your listener

Blog Post

Full Comprehensive topic-based blog post that will explode the discoverability of your podcast 

YouTube Description

Do you publish your podcast on YouTube (or have been tSuccinct YouTube descriptions with a time-stamped episode overview to capture your ideal audience  

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Episode Show Notes
& Full Transcript

Personalized Show Notes with Chapter Summaries and a full Transcript for search optimization and increased lead generation

Promo Email 

Intriguing Emails that will maximize click-throughs to your episode

Social Media Captions

Captivating captions that make it easy to promote across all channels

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1.  A Compelling Episode Title that Will Hook Your Listener

You know how all the podcasting experts tell you your episode title needs to: have keywords... make an impact... be clear... be compelling (etc. etc.)? You don’t have to remember that checklist anymore!
Capsho’s AI will INSTANTLY create a topic-based title for your episode designed for maximum listens!

2.  An Episode Player Description Designed to
Create A Listening Frenzy

Your episode description is usually an afterthought, amiright or amiright?
Capsho’s AI creates a description for iTunes, Spotify, Google (and more!) that is designed to compel your listener to press that play button!
So now your afterthought can just be a never-thought 

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3. Search Optimized Show Notes For Increased Lead Generation

Not doing full show notes that are searchable on Google? Capsho’s AI makes it incredibly simple for you by instantly creating them along with a summary of your episode to boost SEO and accessibility.

These are the perfect place to house all your links and turn your podcast into a lead generation machine!

4. Captivating Social Media Captions for Cross-Platform Visibility

Over the stock-standard “episode just dropped” social media posts? Capsho’s got you covered!

Using Content Honey Traps, Capsho’s AI re-concepts your podcast audio into social media captions designed to compel your followers to start listening to your podcast episode!

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5. Intriguing Promotional Emails Built for Maximum Click-Throughs to your episode

Do you get “blank page syndrome” when trying to write your podcast promo email? Not anymore!

Capsho’s AI will create promotional emails for your episode that is architected to get your audience clicking through to listen to your podcast straight away!

6. Full Episode Transcript produced for optimal SEO impact

Capsho’s AI produces a full episode transcript with the type of quality that will minimize editing on your part.

Solo episodes will be time-stamped and episodes with guests will be grouped by Speaker.
Including this on your podcast website will help boost your SEO impact!

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7. A comprehensive Blog Post that will extend the life of your podcast episode for years 

You know you need a blog for your podcast but writing blog posts from scratch is so time-consuming (honestly, who has the time for that?!) 
Capsho's AI will create a blog post for every episode for you so that you can extend the reach and lifespan of content you've already created and create a new platform for new audiences to find you

8. A YouTube Description that will lead your ideal listeners right to you 

If you're already on YouTube or have been meaning to get your podcast onto YouTube, then let us take care of the non-fun component: the description! 

Get discovered by a brand new and very qualified audience who are already searching for what you teach.

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