slash your team's copywriting time with 
On-Demand AI-Powered show notes (+ more!) 

Capsho will turn your client's episode audio file into a title, description, show notes, blog post, promo email, social media captions, YouTube description & full transcript in under 10 mins 

Here's how it works for Podcast Managers & Agencies:

1. Try out Capsho for your client's episode
(for free)

We want you to feel confident that Capsho works for the shows that you're currently managing.
Sign up for a Capsho account to try it for free.

2. Choose a plan to fit your current volume & growth trajectory   

We're here to help reduce the time it takes to serve your current clients so that you can grow your client base.
Book a 1:1 call with a Capsho Co-Founder. We'll discuss how Capsho will work in your business & the most cost-effective plan for you.

3. Get your entire team on-boarded with a free 60-minute workshop

We know change, even the exciting stuff, is hard & we're committed to making your move to Capsho easy.
After you join our Agency plan, we will help train your writing team on how to use Capsho to halve their copywriting time!

More clients. higher margins. same headcount.

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